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Lighting lab on tour - part 5 of 1 2 3 4 5

by John Denton Published 01/08/2016

Again we had to work fast. For two reasons. First I had to do my show in an hour or so's time and second, whenever I'm somewhere like this, I'm waiting for the security guard to turn up and tell us it's private and can't do anything. We started off on a rather nice stairway. There was a large flagpole at the top of it but the spot healing brush on content aware mode in Photoshop made short work of that. I exposed for the sky, under exposed it a touch and then added flash onto Haylie to pop her out of the shadow area. I say I added flash, Alice had turned from tour model into lighting assistant and was hanging over the banister to get the light in the right place. I was playing around with the new high speed settings on the Elinchrom ELB Lights. That allowed me to shoot at ISO 400, f10 and 1/4000s A couple more looks and then to finish I'd seen a round vent in the wall that reminded me of a Hobbit hole. The ambient light on it metered at ISO 400, f5.6 and 1/5,000s. I took this to 1/8,000s again using HS Sync on the flash to bring down the ambient and powered flash in directly on axis to pop Haylie out and give a natural vignette to the images. I like the look direct flash like this can give, almost like ringflash but with more shadowing. Just as we were finishing off our Security God in a fluorescent jacket appeared and explained that we couldn't do any more. Fine by me and off to the cafe for a cuppa, a cold drink and a debrief. All in all, a mighty fine debut shoot from someone who had never been in front of camera before and I look forward to welcoming her down to the studio in August before unleashing her on the world.

Thanks to everyone who came to the shows we did with HQ in May and June. Summer off then picking up again in October, hope to see you on there, keep an eye on the website for upcoming dates and if you'd like the team to visit your studio for a workshop with a group of friends or 121 then give me a shout.

Love and Light

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1st Published 01/08/2016
last update 18/05/2017 12:25:36

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