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Rolling with the BIG Dog - part 4 of 1 2 3 4 5 6

by Damian McGillicuddy Published 01/10/2014

In the initial short term if you follow the blog posts on my own website, you will be amongst the first to know when the Academy web presence goes live and you can be amongst the first to experience the events and venues first hand. Like I said, exciting times ahead ;0)

Now I don't want to over dilute the impact and importance of the two secrets I've just revealed by blathering on about lighting and filling the page with diagrams so I'll give an overview of the intentions and techniques used mainly in the creation of my Sandon images. You may notice a few images with colour creator 'tweaks' - this is my latest guilty pleasure!

The main drive for all the images was considered and not complex. Where possible I wanted to observe the natural light and manipulate the subject and the situation to benefit from the ambient illumination direction, whether or not the prevailing direction of light was used as the 'key', an 'accent' or for effect.

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1st Published 01/10/2014
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