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Shane Miller & Charlie Kaufman get fresh with boudoir photography - part 1 of 1 2 3 4 5

by Charlie Kaufman Published

Either way, boudoir means business, big business.

There's no doubt about it, boudoir is booming. Whether as a gift for someone special, a 'meet me at the altar' tease, or simply a confidence boost, women are buying into boudoir in their masses. Perhaps, as photographers, we should be thanking 'The Lipstick Phenomenon' for this current surge in popularity, or maybe it's simply the 'Gok Effect'.

The English Boudoir Company has become a fundamental brand for us at Shane Miller Photography, with enquiry numbers now surpassing families, and certainly rivaling fashion. We have seen, first hand, the benefits of introducing this genre to our business. For us, boudoir has proven most popular with 30-50-year olds, though it's certainly not unusual to shoot women in the 60+ age bracket. But remember, it's not a case of pinning up a silk sheet and hoping for the best. Highend boudoir photography requires subtle, beautiful lighting which enhances the subject, as well as a keen understanding of composition and posing. Boudoir is a delicate art form, but with a little care, quality and a conscientious approach comes big rewards.

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