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Shooting the Shoot - part 2 of 1 2

by Mike McNamee Published 06/06/2012

Tom's studio is quite small and fitting two models on the set can be a challenge.

Props are essential to some of the stories and Tom has an impressive armoury. Great care is needed, they are sharp!

The wind machine extends the drapery even further out towards the edges of the green screen. Note that it does not show green in this off-axis shot.

Even the apple is hand-picked and polished. Illy spent most of the day waiting to take a bite out of it!

The sequence demands that Illy should be sprayed with water for the shot in which she will eventually be depicted rising from the water. This has to be scheduled nearer the end of the shoot as everything gets soaked!

Just time for a team shot before the pythons are taken home for their tea. Tom cracks out a quick draft for Illy to see in a shot that is destined for the cover of the October-November Professional Imagemaker. The rest as they say is history!

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1st Published 06/06/2012
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